Why women cheat

Why men and women cheat? This is a question that keeps coming back to the people. A new study has found the answer to it.

Why Women Cheat?

1. Boredom
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Boredom is the top reason why women cheat. Getting bored in a relationship is what pushes women to get involved with another man, finds the study.

2. Growing apart over lockdown

The next top reason for cheating has been found as the growing apart over lockdown. Well, that seems to be quite common during the pandemic, and the lockdown did more harm to the relationship than good, finds the study.

3. Old flame

Reconnecting with an old flame over social media is found out to be the third common reason for women to cheat. The study found out that women take great interest in old flame when they met on social media again.

4. Changing as a person

Well, we do change. Out personality and traits change over time. Women go through the process of change as a person and they become compatible with another person than the partner. This is the fourth common reason for cheating as per the survey.

5. Being drunk

Well, women say being drunk is another reason for cheating. They cheat on their partners under the influence of alcohol.

Why Men Cheat?

The reasons for men to cheat are a bit different but astonishing not so surprising as well.

1. Lack of Sex

This is the first and most common reason for cheating for men. They seek more sex in the relationship and look elsewhere as per the study.

2. Growing apart in lockdown

The second reason is common for both men and women interestingly.

3. Too Young to settle down

Men cheat on their partners as they think they are too young to be settled down in their lives.

4. One-night stand

One night stand is found to be the fourth most common reason for men to cheat on their partners.

5. Seeing their partner cheat

The fifth most common reason is to see their partners cheating. Men said they witness their partners cheating and thus cheat on them.

Interestingly, women take on average 3 years 6 months to cheat after marriage. Men on the other hand take a bit longer, 3 years 10 months.

The relationship experts believe that the time frame could further reduce as people try to come out of their unhappy relationships.

The study of why men and women cheat was conducted by Illicit Encounters, a dating site for married people.