Tom Lawton
Source- Twitter

What would you do to prove your point? Well, a doctor, Tom Lawton, ran 22 miles. Yes, a doctor in England claimed that face masks do not impair the oxygen level of the body. Now, being a doctor, he wanted to put evidence against his claim. So, what did he do? He ran for 22 miles with his face mask on.

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Tom Lawton, an ICU doctor, put on the three-layer mask and ran for 8 miles while reaching his office. After the day, he ran another 14 miles. He used an oximeter throughout the run and said that it was 98% every time he checked. The oximeter helps to understand the saturation of oxygen in the red blood cells.

In an interview with CNN Sunday Morning, Tom Lawton said that he wanted to prove that masks are absolutely safe besides very important to arrest the spread of coronavirus.

The health authorities around the world including the World Health Organization have urged people to wear face masks to stop the spread of COVID19. Lawton felt that many people were not covering their faces and gave lame reasons not to wear it. He in fact spoke about one incident where a person wore a facemask and sat on the desk and claimed that the oxygen level dropped.

Tom Lawton wanted to end this once for all and provided evidence to the same. He urged that if anyone again claims the same, then the same evidence can be used.

However, he insisted that only face masks are not enough to stop COVID19 alone. Social distancing measures, mandatory isolation, washing hands, and using sanitizers are also important to keep the disease at bay.