Tiger Shroff Disha Patani is definitely one of the most spoken about celebrity couples. The power couple is in the news since long and their brewing romance cannot be written off as the publicity gimmick for their upcoming release. They have been around for quite long time now, however, they have ignored questions on their relationship. Celebrities do not really make their relationship public now, and that has been the case with this couple as well.

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However, things have changed in last few months. They have been seen together more too often now. It can be relaxing in a pool or a lunch date or working out together, both of them have been clicked together a number of times. People say that they both have lot common and they love spending time together. Well, the romance was never overlooked by the fans before. But the latest news stories are heading towards something else.

If the reports are to be believed then Tiger Shroff Disha Patani are actually moving together. Yes, the reports say that Tiger will shift with Disha who has recently purchased her home in Mumbai. Well, Daddy Shroff has denied the news and so has Ayesha Shroff, Tiger’s Mother, but the entertainment media has refused to accept the version so far.

The duo hasn’t really made anything official but it seems that they have made up their mind to take it to the next level. However, the fans hope that the story does not end like Ranbir Kapoor Katrina Kaif. One of the most popular celebrity couples Ranbir and Katrina parted their ways after they shifted together.

Well, rumours have not been confirmed yet but here are some of the images of Tiger Shroff Disha Patani that have been clicked in recent past.