Tibetans Community Members in India

Tibetan Community Members in India gathered together along with others to cheer for Indian security forces. The security forces were leaving Shimla, Himachal Pradesh to the Indo-Tibetan border of Ladakh. The security forces have many Tibetan community members in India as well.

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The members were seen carrying Indian and Tibetan flags. They prayed for the soldiers and wished them luck. They can be seen cheering in the video and tying white silk cloths or scarf. In Tibetan Buddhism and in Mongolia, this is known as Khata or Khada or Khadag or Hada. This is a traditional ceremonial scarf used. The white scarf signifies purity, goodwill, auspiciousness, compassion, and sincerity in the offering. It is believed that there is no negative thought or motives in the mind of the offeror.

Here is the video

The reports suggest that the Special Task Force that has reclaimed the mountain peaks in the disputed region of Ladakh has many Tibetan members. Many Tibetan members came along with His Holiness Dalai Lama after the Chinese Communist Party occupied Tibet. The members of the Tibetan community have established the de-facto government in India as well for Independent Tibet which China forcefully occupied. Many of the members are part of the Indian Army and Special Forces as well.

Dalai Lama stays in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh in India. Many Tibetans live in India in Himachal, Ladakh, Uttarakhand, and other regions of the country. The members who were driven out by the Chinese Communist Party for their ethnicity, culture, religion, and language, have protected their heritage and culture in India.

The Tibetan members who are part of the Indian security forces are an integral part of the country and sacrifice for the land.

Chinese Communist Party has already issued warnings of not having Tibetan in the LAC region. The party claims that both Tibet and Tibetans belong to them and India cannot use them against China. However, Tibetans do not recognize China as their country. The Tibetans consider them the people from Tibet which China has occupied and carried out cultural genocide. They demand Free Tibet from the occupation of the CCP.