Theresa May Donald Trump Visit is on the cards as the two leaders are scheduled to meet on coming Friday in Washington. The Britain Prime Minister has already expressed her desire to talk on a horizon of topics with the New American President. However, the relevance of the meeting is under serious doubts.

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Theresa May is under tremendous pressure for the Brexit that is not far away from reality now. Donald Trump has been vocal about the Brexit outcome and he was in favour. However, the discussions between the two leaders would be more or less based on the Trade. As Britain break away from the European Union, Theresa May would seek for Trade Agreements from Donald Trump and as per the primary notions that should be the major part of the discussions, as they meet on Friday.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has pressed for the America First policy on the inauguration day speech. Going by the words, the trade agreements would be hard to negotiate for the British Prime Minister.

However, that does not mean that there would be no outcome. As per the political analysts, Theresa May Donald Trump visit can become very important for the relations between the two countries but the relevance of it from the trading and business point of view can be questionable.

It would be clear only when both the leaders meet and it will be interesting to see whether Donald Trump sticks to his points or he is ready to help long-time ally Britain after the Brexit issue.

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