Embraer Controversy has now resurfaced from Brazil to hit the Indian Defense with yet another scam where the bribe was allegedly paid for securing a defense deal. However, these are early reports, but the Brazilian Newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo reported that the US Authorities are investigation the Embraer Deal for jets with Saudi Arabia and India. However, there has been no conclusive proof so far. As per the reports, the Embraer controversy took place during the 2008 Congress-led regime in India for EMB-145 Jets with DRDO. However, there are many things that may shock you in this controversy. Here are the five such things.

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1. The Deal

The deal between Embraer and DRDO took place in 2008. The EMB-145 jets were to be modified by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) with AWE&C. AWE&C is the airborne control security system that detects jets and missiles faster than the radars. Currently, India has AWAC system made by Israel mounted on Russian Aircraft IL-46. The deal amount was $208 million. Interestingly, all the three jets have been delivered and DRDO is expected to finalize the modification by end of 2016.

2. Leaked Report

The report surfaced from the Brazilian Newspaper. It said that Embraer has been on the radar of the US authorities after the Dominican Republic deal. However, the deals with Saudi Arabia, India, and six more countries are now in radar. It has been reported that the Embraer has also offered to pay the whopping amount of around $200 million that may be slapped on them for Embraer Controversy.

3. How report got leaked

It has been reported that the foul play was revealed by one of the Sales Executives of the Embraer to the American authorities. However, the foul play was only leveled for the Saudi deal where 170 jets were delivered to Aramco, a state-owned oil company in Saudi Arabia.

4. Businessman Middleman

It has been reported that the bribe was offered by and through a UK businessman in India. However, no sound detail has been revealed in this matter apart from it.

5. Congress in further trouble?

The August Westland Chopper Scam had sent congress into jeopardy and if there is any truth behind the Embraer Controversy, then the party may face another scam charges leveled.

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