Thailand Protest
Source: Reuters

Thailand protest has now embarked on the journey of violence. The police fired water cannon and teargas at the protestors on Tuesday. The angry protestors were marching towards the parliament. This is the most violent Thailand protest since it has erupted in July led by the students.

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The demonstrators converged on the parliament in order to put pressure on the government to discuss constitutional changes. The demands of the protestors are very strong. They want the ouster of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha and to limit the powers of King Maha Vajiralongkorn.

The Thai Police sprayed waters on the demonstrators. They however cut through the heavily razor-wired barricades and removed the concrete barriers. Then the teargas was fired. However, the numbers continued to grow till evening.

The ambulances were ferrying the injured to the hospitals. There was total chaos near the parliament. According to the Erawan Medical Centre, Bangkok, at least 18 people are injured. Out of them, 12 are teargas related injury. One police officer is also injured reported Reuters.

The protestors called it brutal and they had to take cover behind the makeshift arrangements. However, police clarified that they had to stop the protestors as they were trying to break through the barriers posted.

The Royal Palace had made no comments on the protests so far. However, the authorities are not ready to bow down. They have ruled out any compromise. The Thailand protest is getting bigger every day with more people joining and many believe that the authorities might find it tough to keep up the brave face for long.