Thailand King Royal Consort
Source: The Times

Thailand King reconciled with his official mistress. She was stripped off from the position after an allegation of disloyalty. King Vajiralongkorn reinstated, Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi as the official mistress. She is the first royal consort of Thailand for over a century.

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As per the Royal Gazette, the King returned the title and role to Miss Sineenat after stripping it in October 2019. As per the palace, the punishment was for her attempt to elevate herself to the same status as queen. In Thailand, the royal consort title is given to the partner of the King in addition to the Queen.

Miss Sineenat was also accused of misbehaving and showing disloyalty towards the Monarch. There was no report of her whereabouts since then. However, the Gazette now termed her not tarnished as the King reconciles.

Sinnenat was born in Northern Thailand in 1985. She worked as a nurse before entering into a relationship with the then Crown-prince Vajiralongkorn. Sinnenat gradually became a bodyguard, pilot, and parachutist. She later joined the army as Major-General.

Source: Reuters

After Thailand King Vajiralongkorn married fourth time with Queen Suthida, she was conferred with Royal Noble Consort title.

Thailand King has a history of denouncing relationship. He previously denounced his second wife and disowned four children he had with her. His wife fled to the United States in 1996. In 2014, his third wife has stripped off her titles and banished from the royal court. Her son with the king was however raised in Germany and Switzerland, reported BBC.

Sinnenat used to be present at all the royal ceremonies before October.

Thailand monarchs have taken multiple wives in history. However, the last time a royal consort title was given was in the 1920s. The title was never used after 1932, before Sinnenat.

Thai King Vajiralongkorn spends most of his time in Germany now.