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As if COVID19 was not enough, Malaysia has reported a strain of the new coronavirus, D614G. The new strain is considered to be ten times more infectious and contagious than the COVID19 that originated from Wuhan, China.

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Health Ministry Director-General Noor Hisham Abdullah has alerted the community to be careful and confirmed the detection of the new mutation of the novel coronavirus, D614G.

Bloomberg reported that so far three cases of the mutation have been identified. These three cases were from a cluster that started when a restaurant owner and a permanent resident came back from India. The man defied the 14-day mandatory home quarantine. He has been sentenced to five months in prison and heavy fine has been imposed. The strain was also found in another cluster originating from people coming back from the Philippines.

Dr. Noor Hisham claimed that the new strain is ten times more contagious and alerted the population. He urged the people to maintain all the necessary protocols to break the chain of the mutated novel coronavirus.

If that was not enough, he also claimed that the current research for vaccines may not be effective against the new mutation, D614G.

D614G was first identified in Europe. As per a report published in Science Direct, a substantial number of cases from Belgium, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, and Switzerland were S-D614G. The report concluded that the strain may be more virulent. However, the mutation was prominent in Europe. Now, the cases have been detected in Malaysia, Asia might need to take stricter actions.

As per a report published by Thailand Medical News, Chinese researchers have claimed that the antibody created by the COVID19 at the early stages may become defenseless against the new strain. Professor Dr. Huang Ailong from Chongquing Medical University said that it is important to understand the impact of the new strain on people.

The mutation was first reported in February and became prominent in Europe in May. It has now been detected in India, Iran, Middle-East Asia, and Brazil.

Malaysia COVID19 tally
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Malaysia has so far reported 9212 cases and death tally has reached 125.