Telegu Actor Pradeep Kumar commits suicide

Telegu Actor Pradeep Kumar has reportedly Committed suicide at his residence. One of the leading TV actors Pradeep Kumar hung himself from the ceiling fan reported media. The motive behind the extreme step is yet to be known. The Police has not mentioned any suicide note so far.

There are talks that he was going through family pressure and disputes. However, there is no authenticity of this news. It has been reported that the actor took this step at his residence at around 4 AM. He used to live in Puppalaguda area in Hyderabad.
The actor was recently married to co-star and his love of life Pavani Reddy. Pavani Reddy is also a leading TV actress in Telegu TV Serials. Apart from acting in TV Serials, Pradeep Kumar has also been part of Telegu Movie Industry in small roles. He was considered one of the most popular actors in small screen among Telegu audiences. He was currently working on Saptha Matrika.

The investigation of the suicide case has already started this morning. However, Hyderabad Police has not made any statement so far. It is believed that the family and close friends are being questioned now to understand the motive behind the step.
So far, no comments can be made on the case as the probe is in the nascent stage. However, no possibility can be ruled out either.

The Asian Herald team gives sincere condolences to his family and friends and pray for their strength in these difficult times.

RIP Pradeep Kumar.