Tejas Express Flag Off by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu – Will it change Indian Railways Future

Tejas Express has been helmed as the future of the Indian Railways. The flag off of the Luxury train was performed by the Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu. However, the Tejas Express did not only leave the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus today, hopes of modern Railways also started along with it.

The train would run between Mumbai and Karmail on five days a week starting May 24. It will run on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 5 AM from Mumbai and would reach Karmail by 1.30 PM. The train would return to Mumbai on the same days at 2.30 PM and reach Mumbai at 11.30 PM at night. So, the entire journey will be covered by the luxury train. The schedule for the train during the Monsoon season will be however different. The trip to Goa is generally avoided during the pick Monsoon season. It will from Mumbai on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 5 AM. However, it will start from Karmali on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 7.30 AM in the morning.

The 20 seater modern train has been flagged off with high expectations. It has bio-toilets, touchless water taps, Tea and Coffee vending machines, snacks vending machines, magazines, newspapers among others. It is equipped with high-quality automatic doors, Wi-Fi enabled zone and LCD screens. This may be the future of the Indian Railways which has been struggling to modernize the vehicles since long. Tejas Express may be a pilot project from the Government and if the results paid off, one can see many more Tejas or similar trains on Indian tracks. The Spanish, Japanese and Chinese companies are already working for the modernization of the Indian Railways. However, this indigenous Tejas can set the example.

Source: TOI

However, that does not mean that the remaining trains should be avoided. India needs to capitalize the opportunity. There are clearly few sections of the commuters today. There should be ample of trains for the people with lesser income with adequate features. The number of trains should be increased to accommodate large crowd especially to the areas like Bihar from where a large number of migrants visit various parts of the country. There are commuters who can afford higher ticket and Tejas would be perfect for them.

The high-speed train can reach 200 Km per hour but would run at 130 KM/hr for the Mumbai to Karmail route. The 20 seater train has Chair Car and First Class compartments, all seating. The fair for the First Class is INR 2740 with food and without food, it has been priced at 2585. The Chair Car tickets have been priced at INR 1310 with food and without food, it is INR 1185.