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Hyderabad, Telangana:
WannaCry Ransomware came and left the world in shock. It was not long back when the world used to read about this only in magazines and Tech Blogs. Yes, there were hardly few people who experienced it at least in the mainstream. There were some reports from Kenya and other African countries before, but it was not as large as it was this time. The world might have tackled the challenge that the dark web world posed, but next time, the hackers would be even smarter and efficient. So, what must be done? Here are the things that should be kept in mind always to avoid the Ransomware from the system.

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Windows Upgrade

Microsoft has used almost every channel to convey that the patch must be updated to the latest one. The last updated released from Microsoft was in March for Windows 10. However, unfortunately even critical line of Business like Hospitals have also not upgraded to the latest one. The entire hacking was done from a leaked hack that was found out by the NSA which it never informed to Microsoft. The hack was however solved in the latest hack. But those did not upgrade the Windows had to pay the price. So, without delay, it should be upgraded.

IT team

Who is to blame? Well, some may point the finger to Microsoft and some to even NSA. However, the IT Team that maintains the system for companies and other organizations must step up now. The systems should be always updated and should have all the latest patches.

More Attacks are coming

Hackers are not really over with this Ransomware attack. They have already received $90,000 USD approximately and that is an amount that can tempt anyone to go for another shot, may be even bigger. So, be on the toes to ensure that your system is not infected with this malware.