Jean-Francois Ricard
Source: Reuters

In the case of teacher beheading in the suburbs of Paris, France has decided to prosecute the teens who pointed out Samuel Paty. The 18-year-old killer, Abdullahkh Anzorov, paid two teenagers, 14 and 15, $356, and $414 to identify the history teacher.

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He allegedly told the teenagers that he is going to film the teacher and make him apologize in the camera for the cartoon of Prophet Mohammed. The teenagers spent hours with him and pointed out the history teacher.

The killer then went and beheaded him.

France is taking a series of actions after the disturbing teacher beheading.  A father of a student of the school allegedly started an online hate campaign against the teacher. His daughter was not in class when Paty showed the cartoon. He has even exchanged messages with the killer. The Anti-terror prosecutor, Jean-Francois Ricard confirmed that he faces prosecution.

Another radical Islamist who helped the hate campaign also faces prosecution. There are friends of Anzorov who drove him to the crime scene and helped him purchasing weapons, will be prosecuted too.

There are 40 houses that have been raided linked to the investigation. A mosque outside Paris has been shut down for six months by French authorities.

Sheikh Yassin Collective has been dissolved which allegedly supports the Hamas. The collective was built by Abdelhakim Sefrioui, a radical who is currently in Police custody.

Another report suggests that the killer had a connection with the radical groups in Syria as well.

France has started an action plan to protect the freedom of expression and shutdown radical Islam.