Tea consumption is one of the highest in the world and it is loved by all and it is considered one of the most health friendly drinks in the world. The benefits of tea are known to all especially when we talk about the Green tea or White tea or Darjeeling tea and so on. But the scientists have found out a huge health benefit for the tea that has not been covered till now.

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Tea is beneficial for diabetes. Yes, tea can actually reduce diabetes by a considerable amount as per the Asia Pacific Journal of Natural Clinic. The research says that the natural compounds in the tea do not allow the glucose to be absorbed by the blood. So, the glucose level in the blood remains under control. The polyphenols present in the tea can significantly reduce the spike in the glucose level of the blood. The research further says that the continuous consumption of tea can actually reduce the GI of the body that in turns reduce diabetes.

So, if you are tea addict and tea consumption is high for you, then don’t worry about diabetes. However, if you put in the high amount of sugar in your tea and then consume it, then the sugar can increase diabetes in the body. Tea leaves have the medicinal property but the sugar is bad for health especially when it is made in the local market. So, ensure what you consume and how you do it.

It is said that the habit of a man makes him healthy and tea is not at all a bad habit as per the new report.