Tarrant Flood is worsening in Texas as the rain continues to downpour. The streets are flooded with water. The water can be seen logged everywhere. The brave heart people can be seen on the roads. The shops have started flooding as well.

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Rain is expected today as well. According to the weather department data, the days coming may remain cloudy with low to moderate rain expected. However, further decapitation may cause damage to the Tarrant Flood situation.

The condition can be seen from the following video shot by Tori, a local resident. The flood situation looks quite devastating as of now.

The water level has reached the dangerous limit and the locals are ensuring that people are kept away from the waters. If you have any plans of visiting the area, then it is better to drop off the plans for some time now. If the predictions and weather reports are considered then the flood situation may not improve immediately.

Tarrant is a beautiful county located in Texas, United States. This is one of the historical places in the United States and many people visit the county for the beautiful monuments, architecture and the museums. So, if you are a traveller and planning to make a visit there, it is better to avoid now until the situation improves.