Boundless Possibilities of Uttar Pradesh does not have Taj Mahal. Yes, you have heard it right? The Seventh Wonder of the world failed to make the cut in the UP tourism booklet. The UP Government has released the Tourism booklet and they basically have no explanation why Taj Mahal is omitted. All the Hindu Religious places are however found the mentions in Uttar Pradesh Tourism Booklet. Since the BJP Government has come to UP, the sentiments have increased and that are not good signs.

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The Tourism Minister of UP, Rita Bahuguna said that the government is committed to the development of Taj Mahal. But omitting the face of Indian tourism from the Government booklet is a warning sign and that has to be dealt with iron fist. UP Chief Minister must come out from the religious background and focus on administration for all. The law and order have to improve and there are several other things that must be done to the most populous state in India. However, the Government is focusing on to omit the history.

The first was to remove Mughal Empire from history and then remove Taj Mahal so that people do not even ask about it. Distortion of history is equivalent to the destruction of the present. UP Government is drawing a line and that is working against the Uttar Pradesh.

Well, the Prime Minister must intervene and ensure that things do not go out of the hand. We are known as a society in the world that takes pride in the heritage. We must not choose and pick these based on religion now. Administration and Governance should be free from religion; we know the result of the religious interference from our neighbour.