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Syria Civil War Latest:

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The new report has suggested that the death toll has mounted up to 100. There are many in critical condition after the blast. The local news reported that the death toll may increase even more.

Syria Civil War has hit the new low after the 39 evacuees from the Government held areas were killed due to suicide blast reported AFP. The blast took place when the evacuees were moving from the government held areas to the rebel held areas in coaches. They were waiting near the town in Aleppo when a suicide bomber moving in a van with aids detonated a bomb to kill at least 39 people.The other sources, however, quote more deaths close to 60 people.

Source – BBC

The Four Towns Deal was recently brokered by the countries like Iran and Qatar in Syria near Aleppo. As per the deal, the besieged people from four towns in Syria should be moved out. Foah and Kefraya near Aleppo are under the control of Government whereas Madaya and Zabadani are under rebel near Damascus. The Syrian Human Rights Observatory Group has mentioned that the sufferings of these people are catastrophic as they have been trapped under continuous and never ending the cycle of violence. As per the deal, almost 30,000 people are to be moved out of the Four Towns. However, as of now, almost 8000 people are stranded and with limited supplies. Many have died due to starving and thirst. There is no reprieve for the residents with little aid reaching the violence hit area.

Source – BBC

With the blast, the Syria Civil War has now hit a new low. According to UN, more than 64000 people are stranded in Syria where millions of death of already occurred due to the Civil War.

As per the reports of BBC, the blast went off at around 15:30 local time near the town Rashidin. Among the dead, there were helpless children and women as well. The pictures taken have confirmed lifeless bodies of the people waiting for the coaches to go out of the places. Russian forces have reportedly moved in to shield the evacuees from the rebel areas to protect any retaliation of the blast.

The possibility of the mutual evacuation is again under the cloud after the blast. The same attempt was made in December but failed as the rebels burnt down the coaches that were to be moved to the Government held areas. The rebels have again accused Government of betraying and send more loyalist fighters than agreed.