Swiss Lockdown – Switzerland Government may strip off from imposing lockdown by referendum

Swiss lockdown can become very costly for the Switzerland Government. The government may now lose its power to implement the new lockdown measures. It comes to the news as the country debates the right of the individuals.

The Friends of the Constitution has garnered 86,000 signatures to call for a National level vote to repeal the 2020 COVID19 Act.

The country has debated that the new act has curtailed the rights of the people. However, the vote cannot take place before June, this year. People argue that the legislature is using the pandemic and curtailing the democratic rights of the people.

One of the oldest democracies in the world, Switzerland places huge value on people’s opinions and liberty. The country did not impose strict lockdown and relied more on the responsibility of people. However, the measures are now strict due to the second wave, new strains, and more cases. Switzerland has closed the non-essential shops, workers have been asked to stay at home. The public gatherings have also been limited to five people.

According to Swiss law, people can trigger a referendum if they can gather 50,000 signatures within 100 days of time.

Switzerland holds multiple referendums every year on various issues. However, the Swiss Lockdown may prove to be costly for the government.