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Sweden riots have reignited of the old debate about migrants. Friday night, the Swedish city of Malmo witnessed which is very common in South Asia, riots. Yes, the ethnic group took charge of law and order and restore to vandalism and arson in the name of protests. Almost, 300 people gathered to protest as per Police.

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However, the protest soon became violent and they pelted stones, threw objects, set vehicles on fire. Police officers and Rescue officers came under attack and many were injured. In connection to Sweden riots, 15 people were detained by the police.

The videos and photos posted on social media by locals gave a glimpse of the violence on the street.

Sweden Riots photos
Source: Twitter

But what triggered the riots?

Burning of the holy book of Quran in Malmo. The members of the Danish party Stram Kurs burnt a copy of the Quran. The party leader, Rasmus Paludan was denied permission to hold a meeting in Malmo on Friday. He was to talk about ‘Islamization in the Nordic regions’. Dan Park, a Swedish Artist invited Rasmus. Both Dan and Rasmus are known for their Anti-Islamic stance.

Sweden Riots photos
Source: Twitter

However, the question remains, was the Sweden Riots justified?

Well, of course not. Rasmus has been previously imprisoned and punished for racism, inciting violence, and other charges. The migrant Muslims could have taken the course of law. Democracy gives one the right to have rights even though you are a migrant. However, they choose otherwise.

The protestors took the street to protest and resorted to violence. Burning the city which migrant-majority.

This would only propel the agenda of the Anti-Islam agenda of people like Rasmus and Dan Park. Violence can never be condoned in any form. Actions must be taken against people for incitement against an ethnic group. However, strong actions must be charged against the rioters as well.

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