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Source: The Local Sweden

Sweden King publicly admits failed COVID19 arrest strategy. He said, ‘we have failed’ to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. The fatality count in the Scandinavian country counties to increase every day.

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Carl XVI Gustaf, Sweden King, told in his annual Christmas address that Sweden has suffered enormously and it is traumatic that so many people lost their lives. Sweden has a death toll of close to 8000 people.

He said,

“I think we have failed. We have a large number who have died and that is terrible. It is something we all have to suffer with,” reported the Hill.

It was released on Thursday and the broadcast will be aired on Monday.

Sweden declined to impose lockdown during the peak of the pandemic. The country hoped for herd immunity and did not follow the other European countries. However, it came back to haunt them badly.

Sweden now has recorded 357,466 cases at the time of this report.

If the Scandinavian countries are compared, then Sweden is failing miserably. In the last month, the country has reported 1700 deaths. But at the same time, Norway and Finland reported close to 100 deaths. The population of Norway and Finland is half of Sweden though.

Previously, the top expert of infectious diseases of the country said that there is no evidence of herd immunity in the country.

Herd immunity is basically a time when the disease stops spreading through the population when everyone becomes immune to it. This becomes either via being infected or through vaccination.

Previously, Sweden Princess Sofia also joined the battle against the virus by joining the medical staff.