Sundar Pichai revealed top secrets of his personal life at the IIT Kharagpur Campus. The Indian CEO of Google came to the country for a Personal visit and went to his Alma matter IIT Kharagpur and interacted with at least 3500 students at an auditorium. It was also telecasted live on YouTube by Google.

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Sundar Pichai revealed top secrets of his personal life and here are they.

Sundar Pichai Revealed Top Secrets

Favourites Bollywood Actress

Well, of course, every Indian wants to know, whether he is fond of Bollywood actress, and well he is. Deepika Padukone has so far won the race to become the favourite actress of the CEO of Google.

Favourite Cricketer

Well, Virat Kohli has edged here as well. His brilliant form and cricketing skills have made the CEO of Google his fan.

IIT Kharagpur Memory

Sundar said that he thought “Abey Saale” was the way to communicated at the college days. He also mentioned about his wife Anjali, who was at the same college. He said that whenever he used to tell his friends to call Anjali, they used to shout that, Anjali, Sundar is here.

Yes, there are many memories that make the journey sweet and better. He also had advised for the Digital Start Ups and told them to brace for future. He also announced a few days back about the Digital Unlocked Program for the small and medium enterprises.

Here is the complete interview.

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