A strange creature has been found in Spain and the world cannot stop talking about it. Lujan Eroles posted a photo on her Facebook profile and asked people to guess what the creature is all about. The creature looks like a Small Snake. But wait? It has two heads and three eyes! Well, that has to be something strange.

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The photo went viral all over the world and it became a sensation all over. However, before anyone would understand anything, suggestions kept on coming from all around. Few reactions were funny and hilarious. Some suggested that it is a snake and some went on to call it as a mutant. It looked odd and nobody seemed to have a clue about it.

However, soon the air got cleared about the creature. It was revealed that the strange creature is nothing but a caterpillar. The exact name of the creature is killed elephant Hawk Mouth Caterpillar. However, the species is not commonly found. The caterpillar can actually assume the Snake Pose to detract the predators. This is natural and generally it comes when these caterpillars are startled. The trunk of the body is generally drawn towards the front segment and the caterpillar assumes the new look.

It took everyone by surprise. It can be equally tough for the predators to recognize it considering the smartest mind of the animal kingdom failed to recognize it.

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