Stockholm ICU Capacity at 99 Percent – Sweden faces steep hill task ahead

Stockholm ICU Capacity is currently at 99 percent for the very first time. Bjorn Eriksson, Health and Medical Care Director of the region simply said, ‘We need Help’. He has urged the residents not to venture out for drinks, Christmas shopping, or meet with people. He warned that the consequences could be terrible, reported The Hill.

Sweden did not impose a lockdown during the pandemic. However, the second wave has largely impacted it. It is registering thousands of new cases every day. The death toll has crossed 7296 for the country.

The government is now contemplating imposing a lockdown to slow down the spread of the virus.

The Top Infectious Disease expert of Sweden last month warned everyone that there is no evidence of Herd Immunity in Sweden as suggested earlier. He said that people need to be very careful and not be misled by any information.

Many Anti-lockdown activists and protestors cited Sweden as the prime example of herd immunity. They have urged the respective governments to lift the lockdown following Sweden. However, as it turns out Sweden is following other countries now.

The vaccination is in the final trial phase and it is expected that one or many vaccines of the COVID19 will be available early next year.

For now, Swedish people need to be careful and equally vigilant especially when the Stockholm ICU Capacity has reached 99 percent. The government needs to impose stricter rules to arrest the spread of the virus.