State of Emergency in Thailand
Source: Reuters

State of Emergency in Thailand has been imposed by the government. The decision came after thousands of protestors gathered around the Government House in Bangkok.

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Many key protest leaders have been arrested. Heavy Police deployment is being reported from Bangkok as the government cracks down on the protest.

The protestors are calling for reforms and amendments to the royal monarchy of King Maha Vajiralongkorn in Thailand including the ouster of the Prime Minister.

Earlier today morning, the riot police cleared the protestors from the government house. Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha signed a government announcement that said the following.

“Many people have instigated and mobilized illegal public gatherings in Bangkok in many ways and channels that caused chaos and disorder. There was conduct that affected the royal motorcade, and there was reason to believe there was violent conduct that affected state security, safety in life, or assets of the people and state. This was not a peaceful gathering endorsed by the constitution. It also directly affects the control of COVID-19, which directly affects the vulnerable economy of the nation. It is very important to have urgent measures to fix this and halt this conduct effectively so the law is respected and the public is in order. Therefore, following Section 5 and Section 11 of the emergency decree, the prime minister has declared a state of severe emergency on Oct. 15 from 4 a.m. onward.”

–       Translation by Nikkei Asia

In the state of emergency in Thailand, the government has banned gathering of five or more people in Bangkok, the hub of the protest. Under this decree, the police can stop any person to enter any designated area.

The state of emergency in Thailand also bars the publication of news, media, electronic information that contain a message that could create fear or carry distorted information. The announcement said that the decree is aimed at restoring peace and order.

Previously, the royal motorcade of Queen Suthida got into the demonstrators. The demonstrators gave her a three-finger salute, she smiled and waved back. The riot police helped the motorcade to pass through to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.