Kate Brown
Source: Getty Images

State of Emergency in Portland comes at a time when liberals and democrats are discussing the right to protest. Kate Brown, the governor of Oregon carefully announced the State of Emergency in Portland after the right protestors decided to rally in the city on weekend. But, if a state is governed by the Democrats, people that suit their agenda, can only protest.

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This is a serious breach of democracy and the right to protest in Oregon. People protesting for Black Lives Matter has the absolute right to protest in Portland. Well, they should have. There is no doubt about that. The violence should be avoided. There has been plenty of violence observed in Portland by BLM supporters. The police spend more on the protests. They have been under attack from the protestors as well. But never a state of emergency in Portland was declared.

Well, Kate Brown, did a good job there. She did not silence their voice. However, she now wants to suppress the voice of others which she does not endorse. Well, right protestors may speak something which she does not endorse. But that does not mean, their voice should be silenced. This is the very essence for which American is protesting.

It is often said, a protest when gets into the political hands loses its essence. The Black Lives Matter protest has got into the same.

BLM protest was against the establishment to speak, walk, and talk with no fear in the US irrespective of race. However, they seem to be going to a place where they only want it for some section of people. However, if someone has a different, view they want to suppress the voice.

Kate Brown told that previously when right protestors rallied, violence was observed in Portland and thus she has declared a state of emergency in Portland.

This is a half-truth. A right protestor was killed in Portland during the rally. But Portland has been the epicenter of Anti-Trump protests and America has seen enough violence during the protest. However, as the head of the government, she hardly took a notice of it.

Security and safety are her responsibility during the protest. However, she supports the right to protest only for those whose views she endorses.