St Petersburg Metro Blast is slowly but finally opening up. The investigation has now claimed Radical Islamic mindset behind the blast. As per the reports, the St. Petersburg Metro Blast was carried out by a suicide bomber, who blew himself up during the blast. On the other, the death toll of the blast has increased to 14 as 49 still fighting for life in hospital.

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The security agencies have identified the man as Akbarzhon Dzhalilov, 22 years old Kyrgyzstan-born Russian citizen. He is considered to be the man behind the attack as well. His DNA has been found in the bag of the bomb that was later defused by the security agencies in St. Petersburg. It is believed that he took the bomb in a bag in the metro and then blew himself up.

St. Petersburg Suicide Bomber Photo (Source: Times of India)

The new reports have confirmed that many foreign nationals have also died due to the deadly attack that deserted the busy St. Petersburg metro stations. However, Times of India reported that one person was from Kazakhstan who died during the attack.

The citizen continues to bring flowers for the victims in the famous Sennaya Square as the investigation is gaining the pace. The hometown of the President Vladimir Putin was rocked by the bombings. President visited the blast site and offered flowers for the victims as well.

The link of radical Islam may become even more prominent in Russia believe many experts due to the role of the country in Syria.