Sonika Singh Chauhan Death – Actor Vikram Chatterjee Arrested, New Turns of Events

Sonika Singh Chauhan Death case has taken dramatic turns of events yesterday. The actor, the alleged boyfriend of the model was arrested at the midnight. According to the police, enough evidence has been gathered against Vikram Chatterjee as he tried to mislead, hide and abscond from the case. The mechanical reports suggested informed the police, that the car which Vikram was driving on that unfortunate day was speeding by a considerable amount. Sonika Singh Chauhan and Vikram Chatterjee were returning from a party when their car, met an accident. Sonika died on the spot and Vikram received minor injuries. He was however not arrested.

The case was suspicious since the beginning. The role of Vikram Chatterjee was never investigated by the West Bengal Police, told many. The alcohol influence was not checked and many tests that should have been carried out within 24 hours were not checked. The nexus and influence were also alleged. It looked all but safe for Vikram Chatterjee in the Sonika Singh Chauhan Death Case and then in wee hours on Friday, he has been arrested. The Police informed that he has been arrested from a cab when he was trying to move to some other locations. There is charge of culpable homicide not murder against him. However, the investigation is not yet over and the charges may change as well.

The role of Vikram Chatterjee is very important for Sonika Singh Death case and thus the arrest should be followed by proper probe. There has been negligence already made at the start of the case. However, people believe this may be just an attempt to wash off the allegations of the influence and nexus.

Sonika Singh Chauhan was just 28 years oid and an aspiring model. She just started her career and was doing well. Her friends told that she was an excellent model and a warm person as well. Her family is still in deep shock after her sudden demise.

Vikram Chatterjee would appear in Kolkata High Court on July 12 or July 13 for the bail plea.