Source: NY Post

Snakebite to the penis, as bizarre and unfortunate as one can think. But it did happen. A Thai teen is hospitalized after a snakebite to the penis while on the toilet. Siraphop Masukarat, 18, told that he looked down to see a snake hanging in the toilet. He lives nearly 12 miles from Thai Capital Bangkok, reported NY Post.

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If you are wondering how he survived, he was bitten by a python. He was watching his smartphone and suddenly felt pain. When he looked down, he found out that a python of around 4 feet, was holding on to his penis.

He stood up with the snake still attached. He then slammed the door on the reptile. The python lost its grip then. He rushed out with blood spattering everywhere. The python slinked back to the toilet bowl once again.

The emergency services took him to the hospital immediately. He was treated immediately. The wound was stitched up. He is currently in hospital and recovering. The doctors believe that he would be back to normal pretty soon.

The snake was caught by the handlers. The python was released in the wild safely.

However, mother of Masukarat seemed happy. She feels that luckily it was a non-venomous snake. Had it been a venomous cobra, the situation could have been even more tragic.

He would be scared in the toilet for the rest of his life without a doubt.

Thailand has tropical forests and many snakes thrive in the South-East Asian country. In January, this year, a woman was hospitalized when after snake sunk the fangs into her thigh. She recovered and doing well now.