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Smoking light cigarettes can accelerate the chances of cancer in you according to the New research. The study was published in National Cancer Institute Journal, and it was said that the adenocarcinoma, the most common lungs cancer risk can be increased by smoking light cancer.

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The light cigarettes contain the filter ventilation holes. However, these holes can change the burning of tobacco, said the report. These holes cause more carcinogens to produce and the smoke reaches deep inside the lungs, said the report. The research noted that the adenocarcinomas are more likely to occur in the deep lungs due to the vulnerability of the organ.

The reports suggest that most of the cigarettes that are sold today in the name of the light cigarettes contain these holes. So, basically, most of the smokers are exposed to cancer because of the same. On the contrary, the light cigarettes are sold as less harmful cigarettes for a lesser amount of tobacco in it. The reports, however, do not agree with the tobacco company. It has been noted that the holes were introduced to the cigarettes around 50 years back to bring more customers who are concerned about the health issues. However, this study may change the perspective of it.

The intensity of the report is so much that there might be an appeal at the US Food and Drug Administration to ban the cigarettes that contain the dangerous ventilation hole.
There is nothing better than quit smoking and these reports just reaffirm that it does not matter which cigarettes are smoking, you are actually exposing yourself towards cancer and other dangerous diseases. If you are unsure on how to stop then vapes are usually used to slowly decrease the amount of nicotine you consume. Look at License to Vape vape pen reviews to see where you should get started.