Source: Reuters

Singapore Airport Fire has made great chaos for the passengers who were waiting for their respective flights at Terminal 2. Small fire at the Air Conditioning room at the terminal caused a small fire and huge smoke. The firefighters were immediately alerted and the passengers were evacuated for the safety purposes, reported the local media.

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The fire was immediately extinguished however the impacted created huge smoke and three people were admitted to the hospital for the inhalation. The Singapore Airport Fire, however, created chaos among the people as they were briefly evacuated and moved to other terminals. The flights were also changed to other terminals to avoid any unpleasant circumstances.

However, this has caused an immense delay in the flying schedule for the international flights. The situation has been brought under control now, however. The flights are reportedly taking off from Terminal 2 after a brief pause, reported the local media.
The investigation, however, started the fire. The primary investigation has indicated electrical disturbances for the fire which was immediately brought under control. However, any lapse can lead to major outbreak fire and that can impact the lives of the thousands present at the airport. This might have prompted the authorities to carry out a detailed investigation into the fire accident.

The popularity and the daily passenger’s presence of the Singapore Changi Airport have increased significantly in last few years. In 2016, it, in fact, reached the figure of 58.3 million which is a record. The Changi Airport has 3 terminals for the passengers and another Terminal is under construction and would be open to the public this year. The new terminal has been developed to meet the air traffic and the passenger’s footfall at the airport.