Sikkim Standoff – Irresponsible, War Mongering State Controlled Chinese Media show why China can never become Superpower

Chinese Media, a state-controlled, mouthpiece of the Government has been actively participating in the Sikkim Standoff. It started with a threatening of war against India and now threatening of kicking off the Indian Army from the disputed area. The ideology of the Chinese Government and Media is not new to the world, but they are just exposing themselves to the core. The land greedy communist country claims almost everything surrounding them and can go to any extent to grab the lands.

Bhutan is a small country and India is protecting the sovereignty of the Sister Country with all power. It is true that PLA has a bigger army than India but the ideology and the example they are setting, clearly tells they cannot become a superpower.
A superpower does not grab lands and properties of others. However, the history shows the China has threatened almost all of their neighbours for land. The only exception is Pakistan because they have gifted a disputed land in Gilgit-Baltistan to China. The Chinese Media is now threatening of issuing a travel warning to the citizens who are visiting India. A warning has been issued to the Chinese companies in India already.

To become a superpower, China must behave as Superpower but they fail to emerge as a power. They have in fact adopted the role of a powerful hooligan in the Asia and trying to convince others. China has a dispute with India, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Mongolia and now Bhutan as well. It has a dispute with almost all the neighbours.

All they want is land, but every time the muscle flexing may not be an option. Chinese Media must not consider themselves invincible and unaccountable. If there is an aggression, India would fight to defend the rights of a country that is often called our sister country. The sovereignty of Bhutan is the responsibility of India and Chinese ill intentions of occupying land everywhere will not be successful every time.