Source: BBC

Policeman buys food for shoplifting family in the US. A policeman, Matt Lima, was called into a store in Somerset, Massachusetts, last month. The Police record says that two women were reported for not scanning all of the groceries they have shopped.

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However, when they were questioned, the family said that they are going through hard times financially and could not afford to pay for all the food. However, they wanted to give the children Christmas.

When Mr. Lima checked the groceries, everything was food. He served the family with a ‘no trespass’ order, but did not press the charge, BBC reported.

He went on to buy two gift cards with $250 with his money and gave them to the family. He gave it so that the family can buy food for the children for Christmas from another store of the same chain.

Mr. Lima said that the family reminded him of his kids and wanted to help them for Christmas. He said that he wanted to help with what he can afford.

Local reports have confirmed that the family was shocked and obviously quite ecstatic about the gesture. They could have been arrested and possibly would have spent time in jail. However, they would now be able to buy Christmas dinner for the children without any criminal records.

There are a lot of families that are going through tough times due to the pandemic. Many have lost their jobs but not everyone encounters such empathy.

We want to congratulate Mr. Matt Lima for his work. Thank you from all of us for being the pride of humanity and mankind.