Shivaji Memorial, a giant statue of Shivaji Maharaj in the sea sound fascinating for many but does that worth when a country still has people starving. Shivaji was one of the pride of the country and not only Maharashtra and people salute the courage and his tactics and love for the motherland, but by building his status, can anything of same sort be achieved? Well, certainly not.

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Let’s come to the fact, the 3600 Crores Project will shine the sea in Mumbai. By the time, it gets finished, a corruption charge may surface and another 300-400 Crores can be added to the entire Project. So, overall, a 4000 Crores Project roughly can be estimated. But how it is necessary and how it is not? Here are the answers.

How is it necessary?

Let’s talk about the good things first. The statue when finished can be an architectural glory for the country. It may obviously find its name in the highest statue and of course for the beautiful architecture and engineering. Also, it can become a point of taking for the people in the foreign countries and can of course increase the prospect of India’s image and increase the tourism as well. There can be some employment creation near about the Shivaji Memorial and it can become the second icon of the Mumbai city after the Gateway of India. The revenue generation shall increase from the statue as Bollywood may often shoot at the iconic location once completed. That sounds interesting, isn’t?

How is it not necessary?

Well, when it comes to the necessity, India has other priorities. Yes, of course with the same amount of money, many poor could have been fed and employment could have created. Extra Judicial Courts could have been established and extra judges could have been employed to curb the crime rates. It could have been used in the economy to generate more.

But the question is about the feasibility and the time. When would this 3600 Crores project be finished? What is the inflation rate? How much interest State Government has to pay for the money? When the project would get the break even? How much profit can be generated? How that profit can be channelized into economy? These are the questions that need to be answered to understand the Shivaji Memorial and the decision of the Government. So, far, the decision looks politicized and the CM of Maharashtra should come to clarify the priorities and objectives.

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