Shiv Sena Kangana Ranaut
Source: The Print

Shiv Sena Kangana Ranaut battle has heated up in the country. People have taken different sides. The people of Maharashtra are debating the issue. The vendetta politics of Shiv Sena is at the core of the discussion. But was that necessary? Well, the Maharashtra Government has shot in its foot.

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When Kangana Ranaut made a statement of turning Mumbai into PoK, all Shiv Sena could have done is condemned the issue. However, they picked up a fight against her. She is an actress, she has nothing to lose. But the political party risked its vote share.

The next step was even more immature. They decided to demolish the office of Kangana Ranaut. They faced criticism from their own alliance NCP and Congress. If the building was illegal, enough time should have been given to remove the movable assets. They demolished the building when she was on her way to Mumbai. The court put a stay order in it. This was another embarrassment. The vendetta politics was out in open by then.

Kangana got support from different political parties especially BJP. Now, they are encashing the immature political decision of Shiv Sena. 

The political party now is at risk of losing all credibility. Picking a fight against everyone who speaks against them will take them nowhere in a democracy. This is however not the first time, they are involved in the immature decision.

After the Sushant Singh Rajput Case, Shiv Sena Chief Spokesperson, Sanjay Raut targeted the late actor’s family. The government provided a biased statement. All they could have said is that law will take its own course.

But with the latest Shiv Sena Kangana Ranaut fight, it looks they have got their own political course of creating controversies out of nothing.