Shiv Sena was caught off guard at the recently concluded BMC election. Shiv Sena managed to get 84 seats 2 more than the BJP which is 30 less than threshold to claim the BMC.

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So far, the party has managed to get the support of 4 independent counselors but still short of 16 for forming a majority. Now, it has been reported that estranged cousin brother Raj Thackeray may extend the support to Shiv Sena. One of the senior leaders of MNS indicated the chances of support but the announcement would be done only by the Supremo Raj Thackeray. The MNS has won mere 7 seats in BMC and with the support of MNS, Uddhav Thackeray can reach only 95 seats.

The third largest party Congress with 31 seats have already ruled out any support to Uddhav Thackeray. It would be stupidity to even discuss the three seats of AIMIM considering the ideological differences. The only way that Uddhav Thackeray can make it to BMC is to get the full support of all the independent and other party support. There are total 11 seats for SP and Independent parties, there are 9 for NCP and 7 for MNS. So with all the seats Uddhav Thackeray can reach the figure of 111, 3 short of 114. So, practically it looks impossible for the Shiv Sena to get hold of BMC.