The former 3 Times Delhi Chief Minister, Sheila Dixit has come back strong in the political portfolio. One of the most successful Chief Ministers of Congress Party has turned to one of the most loyal and veteran of the party for the UP Elections.

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Congress is going for everything to cover the lost ground in last 2 years from India. It has turned into a small party ever since the Narendra Modi-led BJP government got the overwhelming majority in Parliamentary Elections in 2014. There have been many tactical changes but this is one is going to be tracer bullet for Congress, believes experts. Sheila Dixit can change the UP Election and she has all the credibility to do so. Here is why congress chances can be excelled.

Sheila Dixit was the Chief Minister of Delhi and she was the face of the development in the National Capital. She was credited with the Delhi Metro and congress would have a great pinch.

Priyanka Gandhi who would be the chief campaigner of the UP Election and that can be another advantage for Congress.
Sheila Dixit is a veteran for Congress and she would restore the stability of the party at the State level.

Congress is desperately looking for a fresh start to come back strong in the national politics and there cannot be anything better than winning UP Elections.

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