Shah Rukh Khan on Salman Khan is a trending topic in Bollywood now. The two superstars who recently befriended again have come to the news. Shah Rukh Khan on Salman Khan became trending for the defence of the later on the Rape remark. Shah Rukh Khan said that he is not the right person to comment on the issue as he has made wrong statements before and faced criticism of the media and the people.

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Shah Rukh Khan on Salman Khan

Shah Rukh was asked about the Rape remark of Salman Khan and he clearly evaded the question. He was seen evading the question. No prominent actor from Bollywood has come for this remark and Shah Rukh Khan too seen reluctant to answer the same.

Salman Khan said that he felt like a raped woman as he could not walk straight after the Sultan work out. This created huge controversies and people asked him to apologize for the same. The Sultan actor however hasn’t apologised for it. His father Salim Khan however apologised for his remarks on behalf of him.

Kangana Ranaut, Anurag Basu and Sona Mahapatra are the very few names who have voiced their opinion against it.

NCW has again issued a summon to Salman Khan for making derogatory statements.

Shah Rukh Khan later tweeted this.


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