In a major setback for Donald Trump, the United State witnessed yet another mismatch between White House and the people. According to the US Media reports, Robert Harward has declined the offer to become the National Security Adviser.

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The retired Vice Admiral of the US Navy has sighted personal commitments but the media reports suggest that he wanted to bring in his own team that White House was not okay with.
The National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was dismissed on Monday by the US President Donald Trump. There were serious charges of misleading the Vice President Mike Pence over the conversations with the Russian Ambassador to the United States. The Retired Vice Admiral was considered the best for the post after dismissing Mr. Flynn and he was approached. However, he declined to accept one of the top posts in the United States.

Robert Harward
Source: Reuters

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In an interview, Robert Harward was vocal about his choice and said that it was a personal choice and White House was ready to accommodate his preferences. However, the US Media reports suggest a different story. It has been reported that it was yet another setback for Donald Trump as White House did not accommodate to the demand of Mr. Harward for bringing in his own team.

Donald Trump has never really enjoyed a good relationship with the US Media and time and again criticized the role of the media in the United States. However, reports suggest that the White House is still searching for the next National Security Advisor after setback for Donald Trump.