Selfie word was recently added in the Oxford after huge popularity. But taking a selfie is slowly becoming obsession rather than fun. In a shocking report, it has been published that the number of people died due to selfie has actually outnumbered fatal shark attacks in all over the world. People take a selfie and there is absolutely nothing wrong about it. However, doing something dangerous or becoming careless have already cost 12 lives in all over the world in 2015. On the other hand if the records of Global Shark Attack File are referred then, 8 people so far have lost their lives due to a shark attack.

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Recently an aged Japanese Tourist, 66, fell from the stairs while clicking a selfie in Taj Mahal, India. However, this is not the only case where the person died due for falling while clicking selfie, there are 3 more cases in the world similar to this. However, the next big reasons for selfie deaths are, train accidents. However, there are some cases where death is not only painful but looks weird as well. A 19 year old boy accidentally shot himself on the throat as he was trying to click a selfie with a loaded gun. The increasing instances are causing concerns among everyone to stop the obsession.

Russian President Putin taking a Safe Selfie
Russian President Putin taking a Safe Selfie

However, if you compare the data available for shark attacks, then the reality looks even clearer. This year 74 unprovoked shark attacks have been encountered and eight have been fatal. The prime reason is the awareness and safety measures from the sharks that have significantly reduced the deaths from shark attacks. There was a time when a large number of people used to lose the battle against sharks in the unprovoked attack along the coastal areas. But many safety concerns from authorities and people have successfully reduced the number of deaths.
The same approach is also required for a selfie. Russia has already understood the potential risk in it. A campaigning has already been started to ensure and educate people about Safe Selfie. Disney is not far behind on this. The Disney Theme Parks have already banned the use of Selfie Sticks showing concerns for safety.

This may be the time when the generation needs to get matured enough to hand the situation. The selfie is fun and entertainment and we need to make sure no life should be lost for a fun activity.