Sedition charges have been imposed on Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal, Sitaram Yechury among Nine, according to Cyberabad Police. The sedition charges were framed in connection with JNU Row along with Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid. The LB Nagar Court directed police to file the charges as per the Magistrate Order. FIR has been lodged against all as per the Metropolitan Magistrate Order.

Sedition Charges against Rahul Gandhi

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The charges were made as per the petition of a Lawyer, Janardan Gaud, who claimed that he was disturbed to see some footages aired on popular news channels Times Now and Zee News. The Court has directed police to take necessary actions on the same. The Anti India slogans that were visible and audible in the footages are believed to be the reasons behind the charges. The Cyberabad Police has not revealed any course of action as of now. Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid have already been arrested by Delhi Police under sedition charges. There are claims that the video shown were doctored as well as per the Forensic Reports. Apart from them, FIR has been lodged against Congress Leaders Anand Sharma and Ajay Maken, CPI Leader, D Raja and JDU Spokesperson KC Tyagi.

Sedition Charges

Sedition charges – JNU Row taking Ugly Shape

JNU Row has already taken ugly shape due to the recent controversies. In connection to JNU Row, Smriti Irani recently gave a speech in Parliament that was even laud by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Smriti Irani spoke about Rohith Vemula, a student of University of Hyderabad who committed suicide few days back. However, her claims were rejected by Family Members of Rohith who came forward in a Press Conference and provided proof for the same. On the other side, PM Narendra Modi did not make any comment regarding JNU Row in his recent #MannKiBaat . Yechuri has reacted to the FIR and said that nothing is possible without the Nexus of BJP and RSS. This Vendetta Politics and answer would be given politically and legally. On the other hand, Congress is unfazed and unmoved with the recent developments and said that it would continue to support the oppressed and the suppressed.

At a time when opposition is strongly against the JNU Crackdown, sedition charges against the party leaders can intensify the protest for #JNU. However, recent reports have not suggested any arrest of the leaders as of now in connection with the charges.