Scorpene Leak has left Indian Navy at the jeopardy. The Australian published the Scorpene Leak document containing the technical, strategy and crucial information of the submarines made by the DCNS, French Company. The French Government has a major stake hold in this company and thus the eyebrows are raised even more.

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There five things that are very important for this leak and should be properly understood. Here are the five big points that you must know.

Who leaked the information?

According to The Australian, a former French Navy Officer has leaked the vital information about the submarine. The information that is leaked is majorly from 2011 but there is the latest information from May 2013 as well. The DCNS has rejected the allegations and said nothing has been leaked from their side. India too has rejected the claim. The Australian has, however, gave a better idea about the leak and said that the information does not relate to India and thus there is no chance that it got leaked from the buying country. The information has also been passed on to South East Asian countries but the damage done is yet to be calculated.

Which Countries to be benefited?

If a simpler view is adapted, then China and Pakistan can be the beneficiary of the events. But the chances are pretty less in this case. The military deal of India and France has often worried the other Western Countries and as the foul play can be due to the international business benefits.

Why is Scorpene Leak devastating?

India has not made great success in the field of submarines. India has INS Vikrant leased from Russia and has indigenous Arihant which is still under trial. These deals mean a lot for the Indian Navy and the leak could be devastating.

How much is Indian Navy impacted?

As far as the pricing damage is concerned, a probe has already been set up. The exact figure should be released pretty soon. If the information contained is from 2011, then experts believe that the impact would be less but even that can hamper the Indian Navy. Apart from billion dollars loss, the defense leak can have an enormous impact.
How to do the damage control?

A submarine is used to surprise the enemy and seropene leak has ruled out the possibilities. The INS Kalavari made by the DCNS was to be pronounced in a couple of months and this can be a big setback. The government has to take a high level decision on many things starting from the existing contract to a future relationship.

Even there are many speculations but it is very important that a probe must yield some results to get the root of the truth. Only truth can help both the government to find a solution to this issue.

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