SBI Fake notes that were dispensed from ATM in Delhi have created a huge uproar in the country. The notes with the label of Children Bank of India were found in the ATM of Sangam Vihar area of Delhi alleged the consumers. However, SBI has plunged into action for the same and is not leaving behind any possibility to find out the reason.

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So far, the bank has filed a case of cheating with the police and alleged that the SBI Fake Notes were exchanged for the original notes. However, the bank has also started a probe and search in other ATMs in the city. No other case has been found since then. However, the Bank has said that this is a serious issue and all necessary actions would be taken.
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The Police Authorities have been already provided with the CCTV footage of the ATM. This case is regarded as an intentional crime rather than a financial and organized crime of fake notes. The note was fake and it was written all over the note. So, the Bank authorities are considering all possibilities to trace out the reasons behind it.

The Fake Notes have already been found in various parts of India and it is believed that the notes came through Bangladesh border from Pakistan. However, this seems to be a different case altogether which the authorities are probing.