Say no to bullying
Source: NZ Herald

Say no to bullying has been a slogan for many years for many people. However, teenagers doing cruel things have not really stopped.  In a similar situation, a mom was killed by a group of bullies as she tried protecting her son.

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Suzette Penton was run over by the van the bullies were driving. She was left to die in critical condition. Unfortunately, the kind mom, could not make it through. Her 15-year-old son is obviously heartbroken beyond words.

The bullies came to Penton’s house when she was not there. It has been reported that they came to her home to confront her 15-year-old son about an ongoing romance. As the son opened the door, they started chasing him.

The moment Penton arrived home, they tried fleeing in their van. However, Penton started taking snaps of their van. Elijah Stansell, the driver of the van then deliberately drove the van towards her and hit her before fleeing.

The Polk County Sheriff told there was no way it was accidental.

The four teens were charged with attempted murder which is likely to be upgraded after Penton’s death. Stansell was also charged with lewd and lascivious battery on a 15-year-old.

The other bullies were named Raven Sutton, Kimberly Stone, Hannah Eubank.

The Polk County Sheriff of Florida said,

This was a coordinated, planned attack, carried out by a group of teens who beat up a teen then ran over his mother, leaving her for dead. I can’t even fathom teenagers doing something so heinous. Our prayers are with this family.”

Say no to bullying
Raven Sutton, Kimberly Stone, Hannah Eubank (From Left to Right) Source: NZ Herald

Even though we keep promoting Say Not to Bully, but still such incidents happen and these are really heartbreaking. Please contact Police in case of any bullying incident.