Saudi King Salman has reached Indonesia and the media cannot just stop reporting for one or the other reasons. The extravaganza of Saudi Royals is not new to the world, but the amusement and the astonishment that they create are immense and unmatched. Nothing has been missed this time as well, but this trip is more important for Saudi King Salman and Saudi Arabia than Malaysia.


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King Salman came down from his plane by the Gold Escalator that has been brought in a cargo plane. There are almost 1000 people who have joined him on this trip. Interestingly, 460 tons of luggage as well have accompanied the king. Many planes and cargo flights are constantly traveling with King. Among people, there are Princes and officials. If the luggage is considered then Limousine, escalators and much more are featured in the list. The touring country would stay in Bali in luxurious hotels and spend some time at the famous tourist place of the country.

What’s the Deal

Saudi King Salman is on the Asia Trip to attract more businesses to the country. The Oil-rich country wants diversification and desperately looking for businesses from different countries. This is the first royal trip by any King of Saudi Arabia to Indonesia in 47 years. Saudi Arabia and Indonesia are both Muslim majority countries and they would like to strike many deals in terms of business and mutual cooperation believe the experts. However, it would be interesting to see the approach of King Salman for Indonesia. He has already made his visit to Malaysia and is scheduled to visit China, Japan and Maldives as well.