Samsung Galaxy S7 Active has failed to pass the water resistant test. According to Consumer Reports Test, the Galaxy S7 Active has not been able to pass the test conducted by the Consumer Reports.

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According to Consumer Reports, they did two tests on Samsung Galaxy S7 Active by immersing it on water. However, in both the occasions , the phone returned non responsive. The touch screen never worked for the phone. There were bubbles on the lenses as well. In one occasion water was found in the SIM slot as well. The result of the test is exactly opposite to the claim of Samsung. Samsung claims that Galaxy S7 Active is IP68 water resistant.

Samsung has however replied to the comments of Consumer Reports Test. Samsung clarified that the devices may be few among many and the company has sound warranty scheme for the same. Samsung also said that all the devices are tested in strict guidelines. However, they have already contacted Consumer Reports to understand the tests and would definitely work on the feedback provided.

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