Samajwadi Party Congress Alliance has just proved that Indian National Congress has already conceded the defeat in the Poll Bound Uttar Pradesh. After many dilemma and many discussions, the Samajwadi Party Congress Alliance has agreed for 105 seat sharing for the INC.

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Yes, it may be a huge benefit for Congress considering the previous outcome of the UP Assembly Elections when they only managed 28 seats. Rahul Gandhi has time and again failed to lead his party to a winning position and this time he has done the same thing. He did it with West Bengal when Congress allied with CPM, traditional political foes in Bengal to defeat TMC of Mamata Banerjee. Both were mercilessly bulldozed in the Assembly Elections. The same kind of Pre-Poll Alliance has once again raised serious doubts over the strategy, confidence, and vision of the Party.

Let’s take it another way. We are Cricket Loving Nation and we can compare the Samajwadi Party Congress Alliance with a reference of First Class Match of Ranji Trophy.

Congress is a team that has agreed to a Draw Match with the opponent and offered the First Innings lead as well. So, on paper they may show that they were not defeated but eventually lost the points they could have got if they would have fought on the ground. It is pretty simple, a team can get a First Innings lead even and get some points even if the match gets draw, well but not Congress.

The Indian National Congress is more in Face Saving Mode to reduce the post-poll humiliation. It is the time when Congress needs a leader who is courageous enough to admit the mistakes, disgrace and discard the corrupts, and evolve again with bold steps. But will that happen now? Well, not anytime soon, not at least before the five assembly polls. The only thing that Congress can hope is that they get some double digit seats and contribute to the winning cause to Akhilesh Yadav to remain in relevance to the UP Politics.

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