Salman Khan responds to Arijit Singh

Salman Khan has allegedly agreed to the request of Arijit Singh. According to a Bengali News Paper, Ananda Bazar , Salman has reportedly agreed not to remove the song of Arijit from the movie Sultan. However, he has also told that he is no mood to talk to the singer or meet him anyway. This is the first report of Salman responding to the apology letter on Facebook from Arijit Singh. But it seems Salman Khan responds to Arijit Singh and that too in his own way.

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Salman Khan Responds to Arijit Singh- How it started

Arijit Singh, the Aashiqui Singer created Sensation when he posted an apology letter on Facebook for Salman Khan. He, however, immediately removed it from the post but not before The Asian Herald captured the post from his wall. He then went on to say that, he wishes that the message reaches to the superstar Dabangg Khan. Salman Khan who does not really bother about all these has reportedly melted on the apology letter and agreed to keep the song for Sultan. Sultan is releasing on Eid. Arijit Singh appealed to Salman Khan on Facebook to keep his song for the movie. He said he wanted to have a song that has sung for him.

The original fight between Salman Khan and Arijit Singh broke out in an award show last year. The situation got worse and Salman literally boycotted Arijit Singh from his movies. Arijit, however, showed his courage and sent him an apology over Facebook for that incident. He, however, claimed innocent and said that it was unintentional.