Salman Khan replied on Goodwill Ambassador row. Bollywood star Salman Khan faced lots of criticism when he was appointed Good Will ambassador for Rio Olympics early this year. Soon after Salman’s name was finalized by the Indian Olympic Association, the actor received lots of flak from eminent sports persons including legend sports star Milkha Singh. Bronze medalist wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt also slammed the management for selecting Salman Khan for the position as he does not represent the sports arena. Yogeshwar Dutt took to twitter to express his dissatisfaction over the selection of Salman Khan as a Goodwill ambassador. It will be interesting to see the reactions as Salman Khan replied on Goodwill Ambassador Row.

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Salman Khan replied on Goodwill Ambassador Row

However, now after the management also decided to bring Sachin Tendulkar and A.R Rahman on board as Goodwill ambassadors, a furious Salman Khan questioned media’s silence over the issue. The ‘Sultan’ star also asked those sports personnel to now raise their voice against Sachin Tendulkar and A.R Rahman who earlier slammed Salman Khan.

Addressing the media, Salman Khan said that “I don’t understand that why those eminent sports stars are quite now who were earlier dissatisfied with my appointment as a Goodwill ambassador. I believe that A.R Rahman is also not from sports arena so why there no hue and cry now?”

Further talking to media the ‘Sultan’ Star said that Media only have a problem with me because I had court cases. But the same media have no problem when our politicians with several criminal cases ruling our country. Salman Khan quipped that for him his country is more important than being an ambassador so he will quit the post as soon as those politicians with criminal cases leaves their positions.