Salman Khan reconciled with Arijit Singh and it has been confirmed that the singer will sing a song for the actor in his upcoming movie Tubelight. On any other day, with another actor, it could have been business as usual. Well but not with Salman Khan.

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Salman Khan reconciled with Arijit Singh

After the spat of Salman and Arijit and the famous apology of the singer, things went sour between them. Salman removed Arijit from Sultan Jag Mohiya song and rest became a hot topic in Bollywood tabloids. Many more news followed, with the reaction of each other. However, at that point in time, it was unexpected to hear something, Salman Khan reconciled with Arijit Singh because Salman never does so. We know many examples, but why he reconciled and patched up with Arijit Singh.

Here are the reasons that explain few things.

Arijit Singh is a hit machine in Bollywood now. There is hardly any song that is going unnoticed and no one wants to risk their movie for ego. It is not about sharing screen or space, someone will simply give the voice in playback and Bhai might have realized the same.

Salman Khan might have accepted the apology that the singer tendered. He also wanted to be a part of Sultan but treating him a lesson, he is just showing that “Okay Bro, Last Chance”, well that could be a valid reason well.

But the most important and relevant reason is that there was nothing serious happened between them. The media hype made things worse than they really are and Salman Khan has decided to set out the differences.

It would be interesting to see if Salman comes out to spell out things by himself, but knowing him, it is highly unlikely.

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