Salman Khan on Arijit Singh

Salman Khan hardly speaks openly about fights but when he does something, it has huge meaning. The same is witnessed as per the new tweet from Salman Khan on Arijit Singh. Even though he did not point him out but it is too harsh on the young singer.  The Bollywood superstar clearly indicated that he is not going to forgive singer Arijit Singh. The Sultan star tweeted the song from his upcoming movie and clearly mentioned the Rahat Version. The same song was sung by Arijit Singh earlier which he dropped. Arijit wrote an apology letter and tried to convince him but Salman remains unfazed and unmoved with his rock solid intentions.

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Salman Khan on Arijit Singh

This is not something new for Salman Khan. The similar incident has taken place before with Vivek Oberoi. He also publically asked for forgiveness to Salman Khan but Sallu Bhai never listens to anyone. Recently, another Bollywood Singer Mika Singh batted for Arijit Singh and tried to solve the issues. However, Salman Khan has little impact on anyone. He does what he thinks best and that is how he has been since a long time.

Arijit Singh publically wrote a letter on Facebook before deleting it. He also appealed to keep the song in Sultan but after tweeting the Rahat Version of the song, Salman Khan just proved that Arijit Singh will have no place and no voice in any of Salman’s movie. However, the tweet of Salman Khan on Arijit Singh has just proved it right.

It was earlier reported that Salman Khan was very staunch about the removal of Arijit Singh’s song from the movie Sultan. He roped in Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and removed Arijit altogether. It will be interesting to see the reaction of Arijit Singh after this. He has however not reacted to this so far. He predicted that this will backfire on him and the same has happened.